The 10 Best Secrets in Holistic Medicine for Ultimate Health + Wellness: Adaptogens

Meet your new best friend.

Sweet one, meet: ADAPTOGENS 🍄🌿

Did you guys just become best friends?! You're welcome- you can thank us later. The special someone we just introduced you to has been saving lives and healing people for thousands of years-- aka, Western medicine's best kept secret. These powerful plants also just so happen to be the core ingredient in each Madeby treat.  We've got the secret, and now we're sharing it with you.

So, what are adaptogens, you ask?

Adaptogens are a class of superfoods that are known for their powerful abilities to heal stress in the body.

They are a whole new level of superfood--think Kale on crack (oxymoronic, we know). Adaptogens work with your adrenal glands-- aka,  the lovely glands that manage your hormones and response to stress (...and the ones we can thank for our gorgeous stress-pimples).

One of the many charms of these magnificent earth-healers is that they work with YOUR body's needs specifically, adapting their function to whatever your system it’s calling out for.  Whether it’s healing cancer, aiding a common cold,  boosting your energy for the gym, helping you focus and improve memory, and even reducing depression and anxiety-- whatever you need, adaptogens will help your adrenals STOP or START certain processes from happening in the body to achieve the ultimate goal of homeostasis.
All of our ooey-gooey treats contain an entire daily dose of these incredible, cure-all powerhouses. 


And while adaptogens may just sound like the NEW trendy kale or quinoa, these methods of medicine are anything BUT new--they’ve been used in Ayurveda (Indian) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years.




So why haven’t you heard of them until now?!

Because although their benefits are research proven and extremely powerful, pharmaceutical companies work in direct opposition to any and every holistic remedy they possibly can.  Once there is a natural, earth-made way, there is no longer a chemically produced, man-made, money-making way for pharma.

So... sorry not sorry pharma, the word is out.


Adaptogens target ALL forms of stress:

1. Biological stressors

2. Physical stressors

3. and Emotional stressors 



Some of the benefits of these magical, powerhouse ADAPTOGENS have been known to:

1. Fight and prevent Cancer and chronic illness

2. Reduce inflammation throughout the body

3. Combat depression and anxiety

4. Increase endurance, energy, and stamina

5. Promote longevity and immunity

6. Boost mood and libido

7. Improve quality of sleep

8. And more + 🌱🍪


 Each cookie flavor contains its own unique blend of 3-4 of the following adaptogens designed to help your body "adapt" and combat specific stressors (i.e. adaptogens to boost energy, enhance cognitive function, etc):





Lion’s Mane


Rhodiola Rosea


He Shou Wu


...and Astragalus


Get to know more about your newest earth-grown obsessions in our Adaptogen Academy- they can't wait to meet you! 
P.S. Remember: You know what they say, a cookie a day keeps the doctor away! 



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